Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Spring 2008

Taylor, our favorite missionary, requests that I update this blog. Good thing he's keeping me on my toes.

Despite the uncooperative weather, we are doing out best to get ready for Brittany and Cortney's wedding reception--which is just 30 days from now! Ten months ago when they told me they would be getting married, I thought I had all the time in the world. Well, things certainly have a way of creeping up on you!

Cortney's graduation ceremony was last weekend. It was great to see him receive his diploma. Later, we had dinner with his parents and grandparents and really enjoyed getting to know them better.

One of life's greatest blessings has got to be seeing your children marry someone who loves them and be adopted into a family that loves and accepts them as their own.

Garrett will graduate from Davis High School in a couple of weeks. Yesterday he finished his last AP exam (AP STATS). He and Kami Keck, his girlfriend, also had a great time at the Prom. Valerie Nye cooked the whole group a great dinner. The high class mode of transportation was a rented U-Haul trailer which the guys furnished with a huge selection of sofas.

Just last Sunday, Garrett was ordained an Elder. There is no doubt that Garrett will honor his priesthood in all he does. He has always been an example of love and kindness for all of us.

Austin and his mom just returned from a great week in Washington DC. He loved photographing all the beautiful sites and buildings. Some of his favorites were the Capitol Building, the White House and the Library of Congress. But, more importantly, he saw more cool cars than you can believe. He was in car heaven!

Taylor has passed the one year mark for his mission. He has also been transfered out of the city of Curituba for the first time. While he's had many transfers--they have all been in Curitiba. The temple there is almost finished, so I'm sure he will return.

To see more of our adventurous Taylor, go to You and search "Elder Flint." He has two videos there for you to see. We are so proud of the hard work he is doing and, despite missing his crazy sense of humor, we are thrilled to have him serving the Lord.

Here are some of the latest photos of Taylor on his mission. They are cute because they show the true Taylor.