Monday, March 23, 2009

China Video

Doug and I had a great time in China. It was a week-long interview trip for me. Looking back at all the photos, I've learned that we squeezed in a lot of fun in my off hours.
We got back a few days ago. I will post pictures later, but I hope my loved ones enjoy this video. If you ever get a chance to go to China, jump at the opportunity. It is so different from anything I am used to.


Brittany said...

So... it's my turn next year...since we're going oldest to youngest! Right!?

The Flints said...

Absolutely correct. Bring your $$$$. We need to get more purses and watches. I never buy enough of those things!

Brittany said...

Ok!! You buy my ticket and I'll buy some purses and bring some extra suit cases (I'll only pack a toothbrush and underwear if I have to)! Deal! See how good I am at compromising!

Camille McDermott said...

I am older than her so I think that I need to go next. Just kidding. Those pictures are great maybe one day I can be a world traveler like you.